Hello my Hairapy Community,

Thank you for being a part of our world at Hairapy! With all of your love and support Hairapy will be back and stronger than ever starting May 9th! Thank you for taking your time to read through these new policies and following them as we walk through this new chapter. These will be in effect until further notice. Failure to follow any of Hairapy’s policies and protocols will result in a refusal of service(s).

We want to protect you, your family and loved ones as well as our staff, their families and loved ones. With our new protocols we ask you kindly fill out and sign our new waiver that you have read through all of this and choose to enjoy your services at Hairapy knowing the risks and you will not hold Hairapy or staff responsible.

Masks- We know how inconvenient it is to wear masks and trust me we would much rather choose not to wear them if we had a choice. We ask you to wear a mask to your appointment that loops of your ears. Our staff will be wearing mask all day so we asked to keep yours on for the entirety of your appointment.

Hand Washing- Please use hand sanitizer before entering Hairapy. This will be provided outside the door. Once you enter we ask you wash your hands for 30 seconds prior to your appointment and wash your hands again for 30 seconds after your appointment. Our staff will be wearing and changing out gloves throughout the day and we will have some available for you as well if it makes you more comfortable. We will have hand sanitizer available for you throughout your appointment as well. We ask you wash your hands or sanitize your hands after touching your face, sneezing, etc.

Beverages- Hairapy will not be offering drinks or snacks until further notice. We ask you to bring your own water, coffee, tea to your appointment. Please remember to grab your cups, snack bags, etc and throw away any trash before your departure.

Additional Guests- at Hairapy, for social distancing protocols, you will be our only guest during your appointment time so we ask you only bring yourself to your appointment. Please be sure to leave kiddos, family members and friends at home unless they are receiving a service during that time.

Temperature Checks- All Hairapy staff will have temperatures checked at the beginning of each day. Upon arrival our staff will check your temperature with a contactless thermometer. If you called a temperature higher than 100.4° we will kindly ask you to reschedule your appointment for a later date.

Contactless Check Out- in efforts to keep everything as contactless as possible we ask if you have a Venmo to check out with that. Every Venmo check out will receive $5 off! If you don’t have Venmo and you have checked out or booked online with a credit card at Hairapy before, you will have that card on file for check out. If you don’t have a card on file or want to use a different card we kindly ask you hold on to that credit card while we type in your information.

Upon Arrival- Hairapy now has a new front door… again. Lol. It’s now blue! Hairapy has gotten rid of our fabric couch for the time being and it has been replaced with a leather recliner. We ask for you to arrive at the time of your appointment and wash your hands before sitting down at the recliner in the waiting area. (Placed 6 feet away from reception desk to ensure social distancing). We will continue our current sanitation procedures and will have additional hard surface cleaning and disinfection of everything in the salon before and after appointments so please be patient with us as we take these steps!

I can’t wait to see you!!!


Abi Pollock

Please sign waiver>>>

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