The best product for Instant Volume!

As you hop out of the shower and blow-dry your hair, what is the first thing you notice? How does your hair feel after that blow-dry? Super soft, clean and like you don’t have any lift at your root, right?! This one product will give you all the volume your little heart desires in an instant AND will last all day!

What is it?? is a volumizing powder that creates texture at your root. This allows the root to stand up leaving you with the volume you want all day! is odorless and mess-free and is the first volumizing powder with a pump.

How does it work??

Simply push down on the pump and it will release a small cloud of product. Grab small sections at the root where you desire volume. This will create texture underneath each small section without having to tease a section. Make sure to only apply this to dry hair and hold 2-4 inches away from your hair.

Where can I find this??

This product comes in 2 versions. Light for fine hair and the original for normal to coarse hair. Get your hands on this instant volumizer by contacting me at




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