When was the last time you bought shampoo and conditioner from your local drug store? Yesterday, 6 months ago, maybe years and years ago? Whether you’re a local drug store beauty shopper or a “I only buy from my hairstylist” type of girl, here are a few things that you should always look for in your shampoo and conditioner!

Follow what you stand for

Here in 2019 it is super hard to find a beauty brand that doesn’t align with your moral values! Remember, there is a shampoo for everyone! If you live your life zero waste, vegan and/or cruelty free you do not have to go and force yourself to collect plastic bottle after plastic bottle through a company you know nothing about.  There are amazing shampoo bars that not only cut down your waste but can actually last you longer than a traditional bottle of shampoo. Always try to shop locally for these sorts of things to avoid unnecessary packaging. I know The ZERO WASTE MARKET PLACE in Colorado never disappoints but if you are in need of a shampoo bar and don’t have access to an amazing resource like this, CHECK OUT this company by Pressing on the image below and try out a few samplers of different shampoo bars they carry and find your perfect match!

Maybe you’re not into the whole shampoo bar thing, there are plenty of companies that create naturally derived products that either try to cut down on waste or have a recycling system in place! It is easier to fall in love with a product line if you love what they stand for!


Stay away from the unhealthy things

At some point I know you have heard about parabens and sulfates, but do any of us really know what those weird words mean?

Starting in the 1950s parabens have been used to prevent the spread of bacteria and act as a preservative in our everyday beauty products. As much as we want our shampoos to last us, parabens have been linked to hormone disfunction and research has shown it can actually cause breast cancer and fertility issues! I think I can say this for all of us, NO PRODUCT IS WORTH A RISK LIKE THAT.

Sulfates create the bubbles we love to see in our shampoo, but not all shampoos that sud have them. Sulfates are big offenders for drying out our hair, scalp, and our skin! This can even create irritation and redness and make our poor scalps more susceptible to dandruff and itchiness. NOBODY WANTS DRY, BRITTLE HAIR, PEOPLE!

If a shampoo and conditioner say on the back of the bottle PARABEN AND SULFATE FREE go for it! Save your bodies, hair and scalp from the worst and shower your hair with the least harsh chemicals possible. Side note: If the bottle doesn’t note that it is paraben and sulfate free don’t believe that they aren’t in there. Do your research and love on your hair by sparing it from these harsh ingredients.


Listen to your hair

The best advice I can give you with this one is listen to your hair stylist. Your professional will know whether your hair is damaged or just dry, and in need of moisture or more protein. Not all shampoos and conditioners have to act as a treatment, sometimes your hair will be happy with just a nice “daily” shampoo. (just because it is a daily shampoo doesn’t mean you should use it everyday)

**Did you know too much protein in your hair can actually make your hair look like its damaged? This is why it is so important you know whether your hair is split, frazzled, fried or just plain dry.**

Color treated hair should be treated with as much love as possible! Color safe shampoos will save not only your hair color but your pocket book as well! There are so many color enhancing shampoos that will add more vibrancy to your hair color so the possibilities of how many and which shampoos you collect are endless. Please reach out to your amazing stylist and find the best shampoo and conditioner system for you, YOUR HAIR WILL THANK YOU!


There are so many different hair products and I know it can be really overwhelming when trying to find the right path for you and your hair. Follow your heart and the things that mean most to you in your lifestyle. Say no to harsh chemicals and listen to what your hair needs and your lovely stylist recommends. I am always a click away with any questions!




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