Soooo who else is struggling to fully understand Adulting when it comes to finances?!

Who else wants to learn the right way to budget? Or even learn how to get out of the hole that Student Loans are burying you in??


I know I am not the only one who feels like I will never understand half the stuff I’ll need to in order to make it by in this crazy world! So here’s a book that I found at Barnes n Noble ($15) that has literally changed my outlook on money, debt, and future adulting issues!!

BROKE Millennial- By: ERIN LOWRY

It says it right on the cover! Stop scraping by and get your Financial Life together.

Beware you will get called out in this book and it will definitely open your eyes and get you thinking! Personal Finance is a thing. Setting yourself up for Retirement is a thing. (Even if you’re working your first job!) Consumer Debt, Student Loans, Investing, Credit Scores, Savings Account, Emergency Funds, are all a thing!!

Don’t believe me? Or what to find out more about what I’m talking about? Join Erin Lowry and read her words of wisdom!

***A Sense of Humor is NEEDED***



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