The month of January I have really tried to focus on my Health and Personal Well-Being.

Basically, eliminating my stress and trying to be at peace with where my life is has been a huge thing for me!

We all spend sooo much time on our phones each day and so the first thing I decided to do when going through my phone for the New Year was delete what I don’t need. I had so many apps I downloaded that I maybe opened once or twice and it really just wasn’t worth having it taking up space on my phone!

Another big thing I did was delete ALL my games!! I spend so much time on my phone anyways going through my social media I decided to get rid of any other distractions that would take up more of my time and not allowing me to ENJOY the Present.

Sooo let’s dive into a few Apps that I haven’t been able to let go off:

  1. Headspace

This has been a huge one for me because it forces me to take a deep breath, get in touch with my body and mind and ultimately being able to live a more Stress-FREE life! This one is packed with Simple and Quick daily meditations that vary from everything such as Health & Happiness to Sports & Students!


Your kiddos can join the fun as well! They have a special category Just for Kids!!

This one is a Free one but you can easily Subscribe for more in depth and specific sessions.

Subscription to this App if you sign up Annually is $7.99 per month.


The Kardashians are definitely the kind of people that you either love them or hate them, but if you’re like me and Love them their Apps are Wayyy worth it! I have both The Khloé & Kourt App Downloaded and I’m Subscribed to both and I’m in Love with them! Both share beauty tips, health & wellness, and fashion advice as well as some yummy healthy recipes!! Even a little bit about their lives and what they’re into at these points in their lives!

*Fun Fact*

  • Kourtney is both Gluten and Dairy Free and she not only follows this diet but so do all her kiddos!

Subscription to each of these apps are $2.99 per month.

2. Spotify

I have always been huge music person and so I have always had some type of app that played music on my phone. Years and years back I started using Rhapsody it’s now called Napster and I loved it. I looked up what I wanted, downloaded it and listened away but a big challenge was getting all the music that just came out.

Another music App I really like is Pandora and I’ve used that one for a while too but have been using it a lot now while I’m the Salon! I needed something that will continue to play a station all day and that was good. But what if I could have both???

Spotify brought me that!! Fun and various station that I can pick for any mood or day at the Salon AND I can find all the music that just came out and Download it!! All I wanted in an App and it’s Simple!!

This one is the Price of Netflix & Hulu! And the nice part is you CAN listen for FREE! Just with a little less capability!

Subscription to this App is $9.99 per month.



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