How do you style your hair every day?? Well, here’s how I do mine!!!

*Tools used*

  • Harry Josh Pro Dryer
  • Straightener


  • Sun Bum Sea Spray
  • IGK Down & Out
  • Aveda Men Grooming Clay
  • Bed Head Masterpiece Hairspray

Here are the steps I follow when styling my Messy Pixie Look:

  1. After I get out of the shower I normally do my makeup first so I can make sure my hair is able to air dry a little! I don’t brush my hair out when I let it air dry to help with the pieced out look I want to achieve. Once it’s 80-90% dry I spray in the Sea Spray and shake it around!
  2. Then I Blow dry towards my face and blow my bangs straight down! *Make sure to have the Ionic switch on to help avoid unwanted Frizz.
  3. It’s time to straighten next! I start on the side with less hair and work my way around my head. I slightly curl the hair and give it just enough curve to make it seem like I use a Round Brush. Then straighten or bend the hair depending on where I’m at on my head and the look I want to achieve.
  4. My hair sticks to my head if I don’t put a little product in it so I found a Dirt Spray from IGK that give me the perfect amount of lift, piecey-ness and volume. Spray at the Roots throughout my hair and shake it in.
  5. Time to tame it down a little! I then take a little bit of Grooming Clay and piece out my hair and rub it around the back of my head to make it a little more messy. This product help smooth out pieces as well!!
  6. Let’s make this thing last all day! I then grab my hair little by little and lift up as I spray to get the most possible Volume! I spray a fair distance away from my hair and spray a little bit below the section for Max Volume as well. Wait a minute to let the product dry and then scrunch and shimmy till you have your desired look!!
  7. Have fun and personalize this look for you!!




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